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124                      THE FATE OF MAN

another, even material, bodily care, is spiritual in
essence. Bread for myself is a material question :
bread for my neighbour is a spiritual question.

This judgment on Christianity is being passed
in the sphere of sex and love and marriage. The
prevailing Christian teaching denied the meaning
of love and called it accursed. And thus it came
about that love, not in a baser, but in a higher
form, began to be affirmed outside of, and
even against Christianity. The bourgeois family,
with its economic egoism and exclusiveness, was
sanctified, but the intimate life of love departed
from Christianity. The higher meaning of love
was revealed by the Provenžal troubadours and
defended in prose and poetry. In this connec-
tion Christians lived in disagreement and dualism*
Sex, and love and marriage were bound up with
the family, rather than with personality, and
personality could not endure this state of affairs,
One of the surprising things in history is the
relentless severity of Christianity in the matter of
love, and its unusual leniency toward property,
which it has sanctioned in its most evil forms,

A judgment is being passed on Christian
theology, also, on the stifling rationalisation of
Christian truths and sacraments; on the dis-
tortion of theological thought by social con-
siderations, on the attribution of the most evil
and sinful social relations between men to the